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Nazi Germany Hitler

Nazi Germany and Adolf HitlerWeimar Est after WWI Germany s firstexperience w democracyRepublic Economic ProblemsPayment of reparations bankrupted thenew govtFrench occupation of W Germanycaused worker strikesRepublic printed money to pay themInflation devastates the German Mark1914 4 2 marks toNov 1 1923 130 billion toNov 3 1923 4 2 trillion toU S Stock Market crash causeswithdrawal of U S funds ...

20110901 Newsletter

tunity to hear from Mr J C Boone an author and professor He will speak on his extensive researchinto Nazi Germany Hitler at the Obersalzberg his extensive interviews with Hitler s sister his formercommanding officer in WWI and his personal pilot Thank you to Jay Kilroy for coordinating Mr BooneWe are excited that the 2011 Football Pool is starting up this week Games start tonight Thank you toAlan


Germany CONTEMPORARY HISTORYGermany has had a dramatic history in the 20th century Unifiedas a country in 1871 Germany was late in industrializing andachieving the status of a wealthy and powerful nation comparedto England and France Consequently Germany came too late to theinternational scene to establish colonies in the rest of the world andinstead challenged the status quo Germany was an aggres...