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Shoelaces Learning to tie Shoelaces is a big accomplishment in a young child slifeLittle fingers often have trouble pulling laces tight enough whenthey first learn to tie their own shoes For this reason shoelacesare unsafe in the busy Kindergarten environmentWe know how excited children get when they accomplishsomething as significant as tying their own shoes so we encourageall children to bring t...

Clumsy Child Syndrome

connected speech for e g theymay say bip when trying to sayshipMotor dyspraxia This preventsthem from moving in the waythat they want making physicalactivities hard to learn andrememberAlthough dyspraxia does notimpact the children s intelligence itaffects their learning ability and cancreate a significant disruption to theirway of lifePrevalence and CausesUp to 10 of the population isbelieved to

Cms 2014 2015 Ssa Guidelines

t Carson Middle School with a few approvedmodifications After considering the committee s recommendations the following SSA policy has beenadopted by CMS and will be in place through the 2016-2017 school year at which time another survey gaugingparental support will be conductedCMS Standard Student Attire SSA consists ofPants Plain solid black or tan khaki fitted at the waist Leggings spandex skin